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Scavenger Hunt

Hosted by the AAE

The AAE will be hosting a scavenger hunt. You can work together as a team but there will only be one winning person. Let’s have fun, let’s play the game fairly. We would like to make the scavenger hunt an annual event. The winning person will choose from one of the following prizes.

  • 50 inch flat screen TV
  • or
  • $300 Southwest Airline gift card
(Package Deal)
  • Two tickets to the AAE holiday party
  • Four tickets to the AAE picnic (date and location to be announced)
  • Four tickets to the AAE children’s holiday party (date and location to be announced)


All participants must be LAWA employees. There will be only one winner. The participant who has gathered the most items will be declared the winner. If there is a tie those participants will be given an additional scavenger hunt item to find, the first to return with that item will be declared the winner. The hunt will start March 1, 2016 and will end March 31, 2016. All items must be turned in by March 31, 2016, 4:30pm. Scavenger hunt items will be listed on the AAE web site, All items must be presented, photo items can be submitted with cell phone.

Originals only (no internet copies). Automatic disqualification. The winner will be posted on the AAE web-site April 4, 2016.

All items must be submitted to one of the following AAE officers:

Linda Brown (Human Resources)

Laronda Echols (Sky View)

Korey Holmes (96st Police Station)

Renee McMullen (Badge Office)

Genny Santiesteban (CM Admin.)

Elaine Williams (Admin. East)

Belinda Quinteros (VNY)

Diana Sanches (ONT)

Click Here to download a pdf version


1. A photo of you and a LAWA fireman. (can be shown on your cell


2. A receipt from Tommy Burgers. (must bring in hard copy)

3. The state of California quarter. (must bring in quarter) 

4. A black and yellow California auto license plate (must bring in

license plate)

5. A photo of you sitting in a 1966 Ford Mustang. (can be shown on

your cell phone)

6. Your personal LAWA perfect attendance letter. (must bring in hard


7. A ‘Special Olympic’ Pin. (must bring in pin)

8. A Tommy Scott 5K run medal (must bring in medal)

9. A photo of you besides one of the ‘Rat Pack’ walk of fame star.

(can be shown on cell phone)

10. Name the PRESIDENT, Vice President, and Treasurer of the AAE

in 1980.

11.An ABBA-ZABBA candy bar. (bring in the candy bar)

12.A photo of you standing next to Chick Hearn statue. (can be shown

on cell phone)

13.Fortune cookie with the word “Happy” in the fortune.( bring in hard


14. A lawyers business card whose first name is “Conrad” (bring in


15.A photo of you and a person over 80 years old, person showing

their ID. (can be shown on cell phone)

16.A Dodgers ticket stub of the 2015 season. (must bring in hard copy)

17.A medal from the ‘Revlon Walk. (must bring in medal)

18.A photo of you standing next to a broken parking meter. (can be

shown on cell phone)

19.(Clue) full of paper, full of ink, something next to the kitchen sink.

(present actual item)

20.(Clue) Of all the holidays for the year, I’m seen most on the 4 of

July. (present actual item)

21.Photo of someone in a city uniform talking on a public pay phone.

(can be shown on cell phone)

22.A 1995 penny. (bring in penny)

23.Kmart shopping bag. (bring in bag)

24.An eight track tape. (bring in tape)

25.Driver license or State issued ID with birthday of February 29 this

person must work for LAWA. (can be shown on cell phone)

26.Where is the following located in the airport, “Save Time, Save

Money on your way to work”

27.A real ‘Four Leaf Clover”.( must bring in flower)

28.A Tee Shirt or Hat with the AAE logo on it. ( must bring in item.)

29.The magazine that features a photo of our Executive Director on the

cover page. (must bring in magazine)

30.Hard copy of the Los Angeles City employment application “the blue

and white one. (must bring in hard copy)

31.Your high school senior year book with your photo. ( must bring in

year book)

32.A donation receipt. (hard copy of receipt)

33.(Clue) I’m Black when you buy me, Red when you’re using me and

Gray when you’re done using me,

What I’m I? (present this item)

34.(Clue) I have no eye or ears and I’m running all day with my hands.

What am I? (present item)

35.Airline boarding pass. (hard copy of boarding pass)

36.Your library card. ( hard copy of card)

37.Rewards card from a California casino with your name. (hard copy

of card)

38.A photo of you and another LAWA employee who has forty years or

more of city employment. (can be shown on cell phone)

39.A receipt from ‘Uber’ (hard copy of receipt)

40.A pin-back button like this: (must bring in pin)

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